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Disc re-building service

DIY Bobbin kits now available

Part of our service is Rebuilding motorcycle brake discs.

Because of the huge difference with the types of disc on the market we cannot  rebuild all Manufacturers OE equipment.

However we can now rebuild SUZUKI Original Equipment Marked with the Sunstar Logo. (See picture Below)

We can rebuild. Galfer, Braking, Sunstar, some EBC and all Brembo discs.  Or any disc with a 13.8 mm rivet.

Discs cannot always be repaired. they could be too far out of tollerance. We may need to check and measure them first.

All work comes with a 12 month warranty (Subject to terms and conditions)


Re-build disc which has broken washers/loose rivets, with new rivets and washers....................................20.00 per 8 rivet disc + 2.50 per rivet over 8 rivets

Re-build disc with new rotor, rivets and washers  ( only if we can match exactly with the original)..............55.00 per disc (9 rivet discs only)

D.I.Y. Kits (Available now)  8/9/10 bobbin kits ............................From 20.00 for 8 Bobbins. (2.50 each) details at bottom of this page. P+P 1.50 per kit.

P + P Extra depending on weight, destination and delivery service required. ( This is for Heavier Itens like brake discs)

We have a minimum charge of 15 + Return  P+P  for any work carried out by us.



Rebuilt Brembo floating                                 Re-Built Sunstar disc with New rivets.        Galfer carrier with new rotor.           Suzuki Original Equipment Front disc Marked with Sun-Star logo

 disc with new rivets and washers.                    Typical cost starting @ 20.00                      Rivets & Washers                      can now be rebuilt with new rivets & washers. POA.

Typical cost starting @ 20.00                         This model 9 Rivets 22.00                          Typical cost 55.00                      Disc in the picture from a 99-07 Hayabusa

This model 10 rivets 24.00

All the above are priced with Mechanically fixed rivets.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



                                                                                                            D.I Y. System.

                                   Available NOW. Full sets of Bobbins in Stainless steel with stainless Circlip (E clips) ,flat and spring (Anti rattle) washers.

                                    These can be used to make your discs either Semi or Fully floating (Semi floating use the spring washer and just leave the

                                    spring washer out for fully floating. You may require extra flat spacer washers (Extra Charge) depending on the float you require.  Fully Floating system is mainly for racing .

                                    Obviously to fit these you would need some engineering knowedge and a lot of common sence.

                                    The bobbins are 13.8 mm Dia and suitable mainly for 4.5 mm -5.5 mm discs. ( Extra flat washers would be needed for thinner discs (Extra Charge)

                                    8 Bobbin kit ....................................................20.00 extra Bobbins 2.50 each.