Machining the rotors to within 5 microns               Every disc is checked to make sure of a perfect        Every disc assembled individually by hand         

Parallel flat in South Wales.                                                       Flatness.                                                              For each Customer.

We can re-build Brembo,Galfer      Special order polished carriers on Ducati discs.

and Braking front biscs.   "Disc Rebuilds

Emma & Gary Jarman use our front discs.Good luck for the new season  

                     Spain                                                               Fully Loaded 2 up All the way to Portugal.                                South of Portugal

         Yes Discs DO rust this picture was taken at Daytona in 2012 on a new Yamaha                                       Even Brand new brembos can show rust

          Because of the high carbon content Stainless Steel discs will show signs of surface

         Rusting if left in a wet or humid condition.

Who knows maybe Blackshadow-uk discs                      Probably one of the most Beautiful Motorcycles ever Built

may have saved him another term in the cooler!!!!!                             The Vincent "Black shadow"

Customer comment from Ducati dk (Translated through Google translate.)

So now I've thoroughly tested discs. Also the extreme.......... and not a bad word about them. Here we would talk about"top- dollar" at reasonable prices.

They are at least as effective as Galfer, perhaps even a bit better in the rain.......together with sinter racingpads from SBS.

I have a little over an hour,run the "beast" on top and then decelerate to zero......on top, down to zero, etc., etc.The same super performance from start to finish,even if the discs were hot,very hot..!

Then I've just taken my brakes apart ,and looked at the result. After agentle brush with a 3M greencloth, you could not see that the discs were used (still 100% flat/ measured on a glassm/6stk. Gauge blocks!). SBS blocks were in turn clearly marked by the severity they were actually beginning to"cracked" in any material(which I tend only to see on the F1 when we have been on the race track as they were then changed, together with the brake fluid!

So from here Ican only say good things about these discs but remember to always switch to new pads!!!!

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GSX-R 750 with Blackshadow-uk discs.